Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Life, New Adventures, and Limeade

Alright goes!

So, I know I haven't updated since the move to "The Great Northwest" aka Washington. That's just because I feel kind of lazy about it. HAHA! How's that for honesty? apartment is great! It's small and wonderful and perfect for 1! My couch is always open if anyone is interested in making a visit. I haven't finished decorating yet and that's just because I don't have the money to.

The people here are beautiful. I've made some friends at synagogue and I am extremely grateful to them. They make the stressful load of moving to a new place seem much lighter. They have opened their homes to me for Erev Shabbat and have treated me like family. I know that I've found something eternal in them.

They have one of the most amazing Kosher Albertsons grocery stores on Mercer Island that I've ever seen! It's like Hanukkah! One giant miracle! I almost cried when I saw that they had a Kosher deli, bakery, and dairy section! I know!!! What a miracle! (obviously I find this to be such an amazing highlight! lol)

As for work,'s tough! I'm not going to lie! But I believe that with G-d's grace and His unwavering strength, I can do it! There's a lot of memorizing and a lot of codes, and a lot of phones and computer screens! Oh and I've whipped out my Spanish twice already. I know!! Stressful huh?! I got to go on my first ride-a-long in a State Trooper car. It was completely exciting! Everything about it was awesome, except the fact that I broke out in massive hives because I'm allergic to the freshener in the car. But scared me, I cried, and then I got steroids. Now, I only itch a little.

I miss my friends and my family and especially my beautiful nephew. He's so stinkin' cute...and he keeps growing without me! :( I have to settle for text message photo updates from my sister. But hey, at least I have those.

I know this isn't much, but I just thought I'd give you all a quick update on how life is going for me. So far so good! Thank you all who have committed to praying for me and who continue to pray for me. I love you all!

Oh yeah and Limeade...I love it! Just drank a glass right now.


*Jolene :)

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