Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Life, New Adventures, and Limeade

Alright goes!

So, I know I haven't updated since the move to "The Great Northwest" aka Washington. That's just because I feel kind of lazy about it. HAHA! How's that for honesty? apartment is great! It's small and wonderful and perfect for 1! My couch is always open if anyone is interested in making a visit. I haven't finished decorating yet and that's just because I don't have the money to.

The people here are beautiful. I've made some friends at synagogue and I am extremely grateful to them. They make the stressful load of moving to a new place seem much lighter. They have opened their homes to me for Erev Shabbat and have treated me like family. I know that I've found something eternal in them.

They have one of the most amazing Kosher Albertsons grocery stores on Mercer Island that I've ever seen! It's like Hanukkah! One giant miracle! I almost cried when I saw that they had a Kosher deli, bakery, and dairy section! I know!!! What a miracle! (obviously I find this to be such an amazing highlight! lol)

As for work,'s tough! I'm not going to lie! But I believe that with G-d's grace and His unwavering strength, I can do it! There's a lot of memorizing and a lot of codes, and a lot of phones and computer screens! Oh and I've whipped out my Spanish twice already. I know!! Stressful huh?! I got to go on my first ride-a-long in a State Trooper car. It was completely exciting! Everything about it was awesome, except the fact that I broke out in massive hives because I'm allergic to the freshener in the car. But scared me, I cried, and then I got steroids. Now, I only itch a little.

I miss my friends and my family and especially my beautiful nephew. He's so stinkin' cute...and he keeps growing without me! :( I have to settle for text message photo updates from my sister. But hey, at least I have those.

I know this isn't much, but I just thought I'd give you all a quick update on how life is going for me. So far so good! Thank you all who have committed to praying for me and who continue to pray for me. I love you all!

Oh yeah and Limeade...I love it! Just drank a glass right now.


*Jolene :)

I Lay

bowing heads and closed eyes
whispers float on hopes
deep-seated in promises
words brush across my heart
like tiny feathers caressing
my heart's petition
affection so undeserved
withheld as penance
penance for fault inspired
by youthful neglect
I lay...
disregarded like wanton ruin
recalling the curve of your lips
the sound of your voice
the color of your eyes
I lay...
with closed eyes
as whispers float on hopes
deep-seated in promises...

Jesus: The Torah Made Flesh

This year has been amazing. This has been the year of paradigm shifts for me. G-d has given me His truth and His love, and His son Yeshua (Jesus). He has given me a new understanding of His law and a new love and respect for it. I praise HaShem (literal meaning: The Name) for the desire and discipline that He has grown in me. Because without Him and His Holy Spirit, I am merely a human being, weak and selfish.

With all of that said, I've felt the need for a while to share my thoughts on Yeshua and His role in our lives. Yeshua is the Torah (the law) made flesh. He came to fulfill the law. People like to dismiss the fact that Yeshua Himself was obedient to the law and valued it. Yeshua kept the Torah. He respected it. Yeshua was/is Jewish. He believes in His father's covenant with Abraham.

If we choose to make the law a priority in our lives and seek Him with an earnest heart, then the Holy Spirit within us will make the discipline easier. It no longer becomes your battle, but the Holy Spirit will take on the struggle. I love Yeshua, and therefore I love the Torah (the law). This has just been something that has been on my mind and on my heart. Many of you, my friends/family, have asked me why I've chosen Judaism (of the Messianic persuasion), or why I have decided to eat kosher and have given up pork, shellfish, and other non-kosher foods; this is the reason. I have done it because I want to honor Yeshua, and honor G-d, honor His word, and His law.

I pray that in the new year G-d will continue to reveal Himself to you, and that you may be able to have a strong and loving relationship with Him.

Thank you for listening...

*Jolene :)

Sonnet XVII Pablo Neruda

Hey is the poem that I used a few excerpts from for my status. I figured I would post it because everyone liked it so much. It's a classic. Enjoy!

Pablo Neruda

Sonnet XVII

I don't love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as certain dark things are loved,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries
hidden within itself the light of those flowers,
and thanks to your love, darkly in my body
lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving
but this, in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.

I Wish You Would

You talk so big
You yell so loud
And still you live beneath the shroud
Hiding yourself from reality

You come at me
with your angry heart
You think I'm the one
who tore you apart

When will you see
the unraveling was your doing
I didn't lure him over
I didn't have to...

You pushed him enough
with your lying "love"
your heavy fists
pounding hard and breaking flesh

I wish you would...
I wish you would
come at me
say all the things
that you're dying to say...

I wish you would...
I wish you would
shove me
so I can make you feel
what's on my mind

But you don't know
you can't handle this
so I wish you would...
I wish you would
shut your face

Taking a Moment to Breathe...

Written October 20, 2009

I have 2 hours before I go to my tutoring job, so I thought I'd take a moment to debrief. Honestly, as if that's possible. How do you debrief from losing someone? I don't think I ever can. But I wanted to say a few things...

I want you all to know about James. I wish you all knew him the way that I knew him. Some of you did. He was beautiful. He was funny and sweet. He had a contagious laugh. I was talking with his sister yesterday and we decided that James lived more in his 19 years than we had in both of our lives put together. He traveled, he made life long friends in an instant, he sang with everything in him (very loudly at times). HAHA! He loved music and would jack up the radio the second he got in your car. Sometimes I swore he was trying to make me deaf. Or I'd stop to get gas and he'd be pushing every button in my car and going through my glove box. (HAHAHA! :)) I loved my little trouble maker. He made my life flavorful. He and I used to rock out to *NSYNC in my car. We'd put "Bye Bye Bye" on repeat. He understood my obsession with the boy band. :)

James always loved big. I remember his mom telling me a story about how one time when he was younger, he was sitting in a hospital waiting room and there was a prisoner there as well. The prisoner was cuffed up and therefore couldn't utilize his hands, so James came and brought a magazine for him and started turning the pages for the man so that he could read. His love did not discriminate and I loved that about him. He loved his girls as well. Some of you know this because he'd hit on you anytime we hung out and I brought him along. He would walk up to that unsuspecting girl and put his arm around her and say, "hey baby?" HAHAHA! I'd have to remind him that he couldn't just do that to people, and he would argue with me that they were his girl.

He was my baby boo. We had many adventures together: museums, exhibits, movies, dinner, arcades, Chuck E Cheese (don't get me started), the fair, science camp, YMCA basketball, Hanger 18 wall climbing, McDonald's and so on... I will never forget the wonderful and sometimes stressful times we had together, but most of all I will never forget the things that he taught me. He taught me to be patient, to be forgiving, to tear down barriers, and most of all to love. As I write this I miss you James. I miss your face more than I've ever missed anyone's. I praise God for the wonderful gift of you that He gave us for 19 years. We will all be forever changed by you, my angel. Enjoy the time with your momma and your maker. I am envious of the love that you are surrounded by. Sweet dreams little man...

To all of you, my dearest friends who have wished me well and have prayed for me and James' family, thank you. You do not know how much I love and appreciate you. Life will never be the same, but you my friends have definitely softened the blow.

I love you all,


Slave to Lust

replaced by lusty images
dancing across the page
my beauty is lost in their naked curves
fleshy pink sin
clouding your memory of me
am I now the unrealistic fantasy?
my love no longer enough to satisfy
you let him in, the demon of flesh
let him take hold of your mind and your body
you feed him with their images,
naked bodies, pornographic thoughts
forsaking me, forsaking God
setting up new idols
you look at me like I'm one of them
wanting me to look like they do,
to move like they do,
to relinquish my body to you...
the undeserving
I am more than that
more than your sticky disrespectful words,
more than your dirty thoughts
I am a woman of regard
a beautiful daughter of God
with or without your respect

You Made Me Love You

you made me love you
with your quiet way
your silent assurance
sometimes louder
than the beating of my heart
my eyes close
as I remember
the way you angle your head
the way your hair curls on your forehead
when it's become overgrown
the way you're always so sure
memories tip toe across my mind
leaving footprints
forever embedded
like the sound of your laughter
bubbling up from your chest
the way your hands rest on the table
fingers laced with quiet purpose
and a smile so beautiful
it brings me to my knees
I had no choice
you made me love you