Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slave to Lust

replaced by lusty images
dancing across the page
my beauty is lost in their naked curves
fleshy pink sin
clouding your memory of me
am I now the unrealistic fantasy?
my love no longer enough to satisfy
you let him in, the demon of flesh
let him take hold of your mind and your body
you feed him with their images,
naked bodies, pornographic thoughts
forsaking me, forsaking God
setting up new idols
you look at me like I'm one of them
wanting me to look like they do,
to move like they do,
to relinquish my body to you...
the undeserving
I am more than that
more than your sticky disrespectful words,
more than your dirty thoughts
I am a woman of regard
a beautiful daughter of God
with or without your respect

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