Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stumbling, but Growing...

Life is life. It is what it is. We have to learn to take it and do our best with it. The whole thing life is changing. Rapidly changing. These adjustments that I know I need to make can be overwhelming. Adjusting to a new faith...a new love for the Mashiach Yeshua...a new way of boggles my mind. It completely blows any previous ideas or beliefs right out of the water. I feel like I've been transported to a place that feels oddly like home, yet I look around and nothing looks the same...but everything feels right. Sometimes I feel like I'm stumbling through this growing process and running into everything in my path. I know it's a learning process, which is why I try to give myself grace when I make mistakes. I just want to be obedient. I want to be observant. I want to honor G-d. I've given up all foods that are not kosher, this means everything that doesn't have a heksher on it, and I work really hard to keep the Sabbath. But there is so much more to being obedient than just that. I just hope that I can figure it out and apply it to my life. I pray above all things that G-d would send the Holy Spirit to make the difficult decisions for me. That everything that be His will, will be done in my life. I hope that by the time you all see me again, I would be a different person. A person more in love with her L-rd, a person more passionate and obedient, and a person more observant of the Holy Torah, given to us by our Father HaShem. Not to spite us, but because He loves us and His will, and desires are perfect.

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