Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coffee, Comedy, and Procrastination...again...

So, I’m sitting here in Homebrew attempting to work diligently on my Senior Project, and I realize that the guy next to me just up and moved all of his crap because I answered my cell phone. News flash everyone…this is a coffee shop, not a library, I CAN answer my phone. I wasn’t even crazy loud. People need to stop hating. Hating gets us no where in life…it only makes us angry and cynical…I should know. Back to Homebrew….so…they have frozen yogurt here. More than that, they have frozen yogurt on top of a waffle with fresh fruit. No joke…it’s legit. Of course you too can have a fruity waffle topped with frozen yogurt for the small price of your first born child. Yeah, it’s a little expensive. Something like $8. But remember, to a poor college student that can’t get enough work, this means something! Because of this, I did not end up having the waffle frozen yogurt fruity goodness…I settled for a coke. Aside from my fizzy refreshment, there is also a group of comedians who are about to use the area 2 feet away from me as a stage for their Sunday night comedy show. How did I become so lucky?! I mean…comedy night at Homebrew?! Really?!! *sigh* Oh…did I mention that I am currently sitting on part of the stage? Yeah…I am. It just keeps getting better doesn’t it?! If they use me in a joke…it’s over for them.

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