Friday, November 28, 2008

A Letter


There are truths that I wish I could tell you. Things that I've always wanted to say. Words that linger on the tip of my tongue, threatening to give me away. I wish I was as bold as I claim to be. This would be so much easier if I was. I would sing the words and make them sweet like honey, dripping from my lips, to your ear. I'd tell you that I love you. I wouldn't be afraid. Because I do. I do love you. The ache of my love burries itself deep in my chest. It comes to life when I see you. Listening to your plans, and wanting more than anything to be a part of them. Why do I torture myself this way? Because I couldn't imagine my life without you at all. I would rather be in complete want for the rest of my life than be void of your friendship. I saw you today. It was wonderful to see you. Yours is a company that I would love to keep everyday. I love your sweet smile. It says more about you than you know. It makes you warm and open, which I know frightens you. I stared at your hands while you read a book. They seemed strong and well worked. They've changed over the years. I would give anything to hold them in mine. To feel the kindness and strength that emanates from them. Your eyes are happy and beautiful, pulled into an almond shape. They are dark, yet bright. I would give anything to see myself in them, and know that you only have eyes for me. I could go on and on counting the ways in which I love you. They would never cease. I would wake up and begin, throughout the day and evening making lists, and as I lay myself down to sleep, I would continue in my dreams. Know that you are beautiful. That your heart is none like any I have ever seen. Your heart is what I covet...your love. You are intelligent beyond belief. You are worth it. You are worth my heartache and my longing, and you are worth the wait.

Faithfully yours,


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cmmartinez said...

This might be my fave..... ; )