Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Last Non-Married Fling With Glo!

So....Kendall, Gloria, and I went to Don Jose's tonight. We had margaritas, chips and salsa. It was our way of toasting to the old days! It was so funny, because tonight was karaoke night at Don Jose's. We heard so much mariachi music that Glo almost freaked out. Then this girl gets up to sing a karaoke classic..."I Will Survive," but she doesn't "sing" it. She basically talks it out of tune. It was hilarious!! I felt so bad for her....we started singing back up for her from our table. She was bold. I admire that. After that, we decided that we couldn't hang with the Mariachis and so we took our adventure over to the Press in Claremont. That place was bouncin'....they had a reggae band....2 white boys, singing on a stage. It was awesome, and the lead guy was cute. I'm sure if I had a couple more drinks in me, I would have made my move! hahahaha! We hung out there for a bit and had some drinks and reminisced. It was great. I missed hanging out with my girls. But as the clock was nearing midnight our carriages were turning into pumpkins. We looked at each other and realized that we weren't 21 anymore. hahaha...we're old! We can't hang like we used to. So Kendall went back home to her husband and baby, Glo went back home to dream about her wedding on Sunday, and I went back to my home half asleep.....I really am getting too old for this! lol It was great fun....Don't worry, no strippers....but thanks for offering Ryan. ;) LOL!!

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