Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Done With You...

I used to fall over your words
Dripping from your mouth like honey
You used them to lure me, to hook me
and then to cut me down
You made promise so often
and I took them to heart
I believed you when you said
that you loved me
I believed it until the very end
Here you are indecisive
You act like it's your decision to make
I didn't know you owned me
Or maybe that was the big mistake
I let you believe that you were my world
and maybe for a time you were
But now I need to let you know
That only *I* own me
So let me go and be done
That's all I really want
Don't show up at my door
Don't call me all the time
Do us both a favor and forget
that you were ever mine
Walk away......
Just walk away......
Go ahead, don't look back
I'm tired of looking at your manipulative face
and all the damage you left behind
I know you never really cared
Only one thing mattered to you....and that's you
Sorry if this ruins your image
I know you want to keep it in tact
If everyone else knew the things that I know
I wonder if they'd think you were an ass
You want to be in the public eye
So here you go dear, here's your chance...
You've always wanted an audience
As if God and I weren't enough....
Tell them who you really are
and put it all to rest!

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