Friday, September 11, 2009

I Would Love You

I wish you knew that I’d love you anyway.

There isn’t much you could do to turn my heart away.

I’d give it willingly again...

100 times over, never stopping to protect it.

I would love you despite the past.

I’d let it go and never look back.

I’d hold your hands in mine

Meet you in the place where our hearts connect.

I’m telling you I love you.  

From my lips to God’s ear.

May He hear the whispers of my heart,

And lovingly answer them.

You are new my love. 

You are made new...

You are whole my love.

You are made whole...

Knitted together,

Created well by a perfect creator.

Let His love embrace you,

Cover your wounds and protect you.

Let Him kiss away your brokenness...

Leaving behind a trail of restoration.

My love, I’m telling you I love you...

I love you.

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