Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jesus: The Torah Made Flesh

This year has been amazing. This has been the year of paradigm shifts for me. G-d has given me His truth and His love, and His son Yeshua (Jesus). He has given me a new understanding of His law and a new love and respect for it. I praise HaShem (literal meaning: The Name) for the desire and discipline that He has grown in me. Because without Him and His Holy Spirit, I am merely a human being, weak and selfish.

With all of that said, I've felt the need for a while to share my thoughts on Yeshua and His role in our lives. Yeshua is the Torah (the law) made flesh. He came to fulfill the law. People like to dismiss the fact that Yeshua Himself was obedient to the law and valued it. Yeshua kept the Torah. He respected it. Yeshua was/is Jewish. He believes in His father's covenant with Abraham.

If we choose to make the law a priority in our lives and seek Him with an earnest heart, then the Holy Spirit within us will make the discipline easier. It no longer becomes your battle, but the Holy Spirit will take on the struggle. I love Yeshua, and therefore I love the Torah (the law). This has just been something that has been on my mind and on my heart. Many of you, my friends/family, have asked me why I've chosen Judaism (of the Messianic persuasion), or why I have decided to eat kosher and have given up pork, shellfish, and other non-kosher foods; this is the reason. I have done it because I want to honor Yeshua, and honor G-d, honor His word, and His law.

I pray that in the new year G-d will continue to reveal Himself to you, and that you may be able to have a strong and loving relationship with Him.

Thank you for listening...

*Jolene :)

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